Flesh and Blood Arcane Rising Booster Display Unlimited EN

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The world was simple, man and woman measured against each other on their prowess of muscle and mind. But from the southern reaches of Rathe, dark arts and aether manipulation have again found practitioners of the forbidden warfare.
As the fight takes new shape, heroes must adapt or die. Sword and shield will not be enough to survive the Arcane Rising!

Arcane Rising is the second Flesh and Blood booster set, introducing the highly anticipated caster classes to the game, and with them, arcane damage! Featuring classic fantasy classes, Flesh and Blood puts you in the shoes of your hero, as you start the game by equipping your hero with weapons and armor to face the challenge at hand.
Flesh and Blood - 100% great games!

Product Configuration:
• 219 cards in set
• 15 cards per pack + 1 token
• 24 packs per display
• 4 displays per case

Rarity Distribution:
• Premium Foil - 1 per pack
• Rare or higher - 1 + 1 per pack (1 Rare + 1 Rare/Super Rare/Majestic)
• Equipment - 1 per pack
• Common - 11 per pack

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Great TCG, 26th Dec 2020

Reviewer: Joyce Bugnard

It’s a really good game, fresh, innovative and technical (Magic player will love it), and still affordable to start

The quality of the card are top notch, unlike Magic at the moment

This set is even better than the first one, the classes are well thought and makes us think about the rules of game again

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