Pickle Rick Game EN

Item Number: BG-OG-000507

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For 1-2 players
30-45 min
Ages 13+

This is a bomb-a** game that comes in a pickle—how about that for defying both the laws of science and God? Even when you aren’t playing, you can proudly display your pickle anywhere you want: work, home, school, or (shudder) your family therapy session.

When you finally stop staring at it and crack the pickle open, someone awesome gets to play as Pickle Rick and try to escape a heavily armed compound. Another, more tortured soul can play as both the Russians AND Jaguar, who are hell-bent on crushing Solenya, the pickle man who crawls from bowls of cold soup to steal the dreams of wasteful children (a.k.a., Pickle Rick).

1 Giant Pickle Rick Game Case
25 Pickle Rick Cards
25 Russian Cards
1 Pickle Rick Miniature
1 Jaguar Miniature
3 Oversized Character Cards
28 Building Tiles
10 Russian Guard Standees
2 Hit Point Trackers
4 Custom 6-Sided Dice

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