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Players: 1-5
Age: 12+
Time: 60-90 mins

Yedo is a thematic worker placement game, where competing clans try to become the most influential in the 16th century capital of Japan. The core of the game are varied missions which all clans will try to succeed at to earn money and influence. Once a set number of rounds is over, the game ends and the Clan with the most Prestige wins!
The deluxe edition features:
- Updated artwork
- All components upgraded to true deluxe
- You will be able to "set up” your own experience of YEDO. Whether you want no negative interaction or a game more punishing than ever before, you will be able to set up YEDO to suit your needs and pause play style.
- New modular components brings a lot of interesting mechanisms into Yedo: the Tea house with a set of unique helpers who'll join you for a turn, Specialists in place of regular Disciples, new types of missions and much, much more!

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