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Altered TCG Beyond The Gates Yzmir Starter Deck EN PREORDER

Product code: EQUALTBTGST04

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Aspiring to address the pitfalls that the trading card game market has faced over the last 30 years, we have crafted this ambitious project to rekindle the magic within the genre. What defines us? A core of optimism, kindness, sharing, and a profound longing for modernity. Crafted by a team of thirty enthusiasts based in Paris and led by the visionary Régis Bonnessée (known for Dixit, Mysterium, Diceforge, and Seasons), we are thrilled to finally unveil the culmination of the positive energy that has fueled our efforts for the past three years. Welcome to the adventure!

Centuries ago, our reality collided with the world of stories and dreams in a cataclysm known as the Confluence, an event that profoundly reshaped the Earth as we know it. Beings from this world suddenly roamed amongst us, and changed the way we lived. Since then, we’ve formed alliances with them, and together we patiently rebuilt a new civilization.

With peace and prosperity now secured, it’s finally time for us to rediscover the altered world around us. Six leading Factions have chosen their heroes to lead courageous expeditions beyond the gates, where the Tumult, a remnant of the Confluence of old, still mutates everything in its wake.

Modern gameplay

Turns lasting under a minute for an exhilarating and engaging experience
Replay your cards from the Reserve and enjoy new effects
A mana system offering stability and impactful choices
Claim victory at the end of an epic and strategic race
Unique cards to spice up your games

Each card in the game is available in up to three different rarities based on their types, each rarity featuring altered illustrations
Unique card every 8 boosters
Surprise your opponents with unprecedented decks
Tailor your strategy to the unique cards in your collection
A new world at your fingertips

Scan an entire booster in a few seconds to add the cards to your digital collection
Easily trade, sell, or buy your cards online
Access and build your decks at any time
Participate in local events with a single click
Discover a piece of Altered's story from each card in your collection
Print your cards on demand

Need decks for yourself and your friends?
Want to print your cards in foil?
Stolen, damaged, or lost cards?
Get any cards from your digital collection printed brand-new, and have them delivered to your doorstep, in the available language of your choice.

Included in each Starter Deck:

40 playable cards (1 hero, 31 commons, 8 rares)
6 token cards
5 adventure cards
2 player aid cards
1 foiler card
1 new player card
15 markers
1 paper playmat
1 rulebook.


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