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Gate Ruler Onslaught of the Eldritch God Booster Display EN

Product code: GR402711

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The world of Gate Ruler is constantly evolving. Be ready for the new expansion Onslaught of the Eldritch Gods! The onslaught of the Gods is coming and new cards and new Rulers will be added to the battle. The possibilities of Deckbuilding will therefore be expanded.

Gate Ruler is a game where you choose the rules you play under. Thanks to the Ruler System, every player of every skill-level and game knowledge can play on equals with everyone else, and enjoy the game in a way fit to themselves.

In a world dominated by majestic dragons, giant robots, monsters of folklore, superheroes and more, the game of Gate Ruler is based on the "Ruler" mechanic. Each deck includes a Ruler card, and each Ruler card features unique rules that will dictate how the deck and game will play. Units representing the various creatures of the world are used to attack opposing Rulers, as well as defend your own.

Gate Ruler is a brand new trading card game (TCG) in 2021, developed as the ultimate card game that TCG lovers everywhere have been waiting for. Thanks to the simple but revolutionary “ruler” mechanic, this game can be easily picked up by novice card gamers, while simultaneously offering plenty of strategic depth for TCG veterans. By giving players the freedom to choose how to play the game itself, it can accommodate a wide range of skill levels.

The world of Gate Ruler offers something for everyone, with majestic dragons, noble knights, giant robots, awesome superheroes, folkloric monsters, sci-fi military technology… and the list goes on and on. Take on the role of a gate ruler and conscript these forces into your deck to fight under your command. Then join the struggle to defend Earth from the onslaught of sinister Exvaders!"

Gate Ruler is made by Yoshimasa Ikeda (also known as "ikettitencho") - the person who made the initial design of Future Card Buddyfight.

Each booster box contains 36 packs, (10 random cards per pack).


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