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Disney Ultimates Wave 2 Alice in Wonderland Alice

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Alice in Wonderland Disney Ultimates Action Figure Alice 18 cm
Action figures Alice in Wonderland

Super7 has gone down the rabbit hole in honor of the 70th anniversary of Disney's Alice in Wonderland! This deluxe Alice action figure comes loaded with additional parts and accessories, ready to reenact multiple scenes from the classic movie! This 7" highly-articulated, made-to-order figure comes with a soft goods apron and skirt, alternate heads and hands, Alice's pet kitten Dinah, a miniature version of Alice, and additional iconic accessories.

Celebrate the long history of Disney with four new figures from Super7's Disney ULTIMATES! collection! Alice, the title character of Alice in Wonderland, comes loaded with additional parts and accessories, such as her pet kitten Dinah and a miniaturized Alice, ready to reenact multiple scenes from the classic movie, such as the classic tea party with the Mad Hatter, who comes with a soft goods coat, alternate heads and hands, and additional iconic accessories. In Fantasia's segment titled 'Dance of the Hours,' Hyacinth Hippo is the leader of the daytime dancers and comes with a soft goods tutu. Just as handsome as his reward posters, Robin Hood is ready to win the love of Main Marian, either as himself or in a disguise that would fool his own mother! This 7' highly-articulated, made-to-order figures will be essential additions to your Disney collection!


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